White House insider: Reince Priebus nearly resigned amid Donald Trump’s crowd size meltdown

Now that half the federal agencies in the federal government have already gone rogue against Donald Trump’s censorship by launching their own non-govnermental Twitter accounts where anonymous employees can tweet the truth without fear of reprisal, it probably just a matter of time before someone within the White House did the same. Today someone who claims to be a White House insider began tweeting embarrassing details about Trump and his senior staff.

Is Donald Trump Next?
Two of the individual’s tweets in question, both relating to Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, offer a stunning revelation:

The leaker doesn’t state precisely why Priebus was considering resignation in order to avoid having to appear on the talk show. But based on the Sunday morning timing, that’s when Donald Trump was in the midst of having a meltdown over his small inauguration crowd size on Friday and the much larger turnout for Saturday’s Women’s March, which prompted him to throw Press Secretary Sean Spicer to the wolves with a prepared statement full of lies.

Presumably, Priebus was hesitant to provide mop up duty, knowing he would face questions about why Trump had sent Spicer to announce lies in the White House briefing room. And Priebus’ fears may have been justified, as his colleague Kellyanne Conway fared very poorly when she appeared on a different network on Sunday morning and got caught up in her now infamous “alternative facts” moment.

To be clear, there is no way to prove that the @WhiteHouseLeak Twitter account is indeed the “mid-level White House staffer” he claims to be, because revealing his identity would mean the end of his career. And his account has already been deleted, but his tweets have been archived. The bigger problem for Trump may be that even if insider claims can’t be proven, his White House is in such chaos that anonymous leakers are going to be given the benefit of the doubt by the American people, many of whom believe Trump has simply lost it an want him impeached.

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