Watch MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow pick apart hapless Kellyanne Conway during interview

For reasons known only to them, cable news hosts on various networks have spent 2016 treating Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway like a conquering hero, allowing her to get away with saying anything she wants on-air, and never pointing out that she’s lying or obfuscating in nearly every one of her answers. But that all changed when Conway granted an interview to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Thursday night.

Rachel Maddow kept a cheerful and informal demeanor throughout the interview, but it became apparent from the start that she had every intention of putting Conway on the spot. Just before the interview began, Maddow opened her show by recapping the time when a private joke about nuclear war made by then-President Ronald Reagan ended up threatening to put the United States on a path to an actual war with Russia. She then pivoted to Donald Trump’s tweet earlier in the day about ramping up nuclear weaponry, and asked Conway to explain the matter. Conway essentially had no answer.

Things became even more striking when Maddow prompted Conway to admit that she didn’t know which nations around the world had their nuclear weapons online at the time. Conway similarly wasn’t able to back herself out of a corner painted by Maddow with regard to Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s role in spreading false information about Hillary Clinton.

But Maddow managed to pick apart a hapless Conway while keeping a smile on her face and praising Conway along the way, raising the question of whether Conway even knew she’d been humiliated on national television. Watch the Rachel Maddow interview with Kellyanne Conway by clicking the play button on the video below:

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report