TV Guide editor taunts Donald Trump for belated Twitter meltdown after latest SNL episode

It took Donald Trump a full twenty hours to finally stage a Twitter meltdown in response to the latest Saturday Night Live episode, which lampooned his inept press conference and his infamous (alleged) Russian prostitute “pee pee tape.” That delay caused the internet to make fun of his whiny defensiveness even more voraciously. The taunters included the managing editor of TV Guide, who passive aggressively piled on with a series of tweets in response.

On Sunday night, Trump finally meekly tweeted his traditional anti-SNL grievances: “NBC News is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” That led TV Guide Managing Editor Alex Zalben, who makes clear in his Twitter bio that the views he tweets are his own as opposed to being those of his employer, to pounce in mock-serious fashion. Strung together, his tweets read like this:

“Hi Donald Trump: TV recaps/reviews must be delivered immediately after airing, otherwise you miss the news cycle. We’ll have to pass. Furthermore, this review is unfocused (is it about SNL, or NBC News, or something else? Choose one, please), and clearly underdeveloped. I’d also recommend using specifics, and provide constructive criticsm, versus these spotty, indefensible half-thoughts. Ultimately, this barely works as a tweet, let alone a review of a TV show. I don’t see much of a career for you in a job involving criticism. I’d recommend reading TV recaps on some sites you regularly frequent and think: what makes them work? And why are your recaps NOT working? Thanks again for your submission. Keep trying, and perhaps some day you’ll say something worthy of publishing.”


Thus far Donald Trump has not responded to the TV Guide editor’s taunting. Instead, Trump has moved on to tweet-raging about Fox News and the CIA.

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