Donald Trump aides say Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer trying to force each other out

It’s only day four of the Donald Trump administration, and the White House infighting is already reading a lot like a back page gossip column — to the point that Trump’s aides are willing to leak embarrassing about each other to major newspapers just to harm each other’s standing. The latest: it felt like Kellyanne Conway may have been trying to undermine Sean Spicer when he asserted that he was using “alternative facts” at her press conference, it’s because that’s precisely what she was trying to do.

This explains a lot.
Some of Donald Trump’s aides are now admitting that they “wonder whether Conway is now trying to undermine Spicer.” This comes after Spicer was given the Press Secretary job, and Conway was relegated to non-specific senior advisor status. In fact Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner, whose role in the White House is anyone’s guess, had argued “against giving Conway a White House role” at all. And someone in the Trump administration made sure that Conway’s office is on the second floor of the White House, while the Oval Office is on the first floor, in order to keep him from going to visit her because “Trump would rarely climb a flight of stairs.”

So that means Kellyanne Conway is trying to get Sean Spicer fired, while someone (likely Spicer) is trying to push Conway out the door, and Kushner is trying to keep Trump away from Conway. And these people are now running the country? Also, Trump’s staff wants America to know that he’s too lazy to climb stairs. Is there not a White House elevator?

The above dirty laundry all appeared in this new Washington Post article. If this is what Donald Trump’s aides are already leaking to the press, it’s a matter of time before they all get each other fired — but that seems to be their goal.

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