The courts just blocked the Texas anti-abortion law. Here’s what comes next.

The courts just temporarily blocked the Texas anti-abortion law until the case can be heard. This is a major victory, and one that Palmer Report predicted. Of course this is eventually going all the way to the Supreme Court.

So what will the Supreme Court end up doing? That may depend largely on how much pressure you, the activists, place on the court. These right wing Justices want to do extremist things, but they fear triggering the kind of massive public backlash that could lead to Supreme Court expansion, which could erase their current majority.


It’s entirely plausible that the right wing Supreme Court Justices could simply say they don’t have jurisdiction over this particular case, and leave a lower court ruling in place that strikes down the Texas law, in the hope of taking public pressure off themselves. So go pressure them as loudly as possible. The outcome here is unpredictable, but the battle is far too important not to give it everything we have.

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