State of Hawaii sues to block Donald Trump’s revised Muslim ban before it goes into effect

Donald Trump’s first attempt at banning Muslims from entering the United States failed when the state of Washington sued in federal court and got his executive order struck down. Now Trump is trying again, by issuing essentially the same Muslim ban but worded differently. And before it can even go into effect, the state of Hawaii has announced tonight that it is filing suit to get the revised executive order struck down as well.

Attorney Neal Katyal confirmed as much via his Twitter account on Tuesday evening, posting a link which revealed that his law firm Hogan Lovells will be representing Hawaii in the matter. Katyal included a link to an announcement on his firm’s website which states “On March 7, 2017, the State of Hawaii filed a joint motion with the U.S. Government setting out a proposed briefing schedule, whereby it will file its complaint and TRO by March 8, the U.S. Government will file their Opposition on March 13, and oral argument would be held on March 15. The District Court has not yet ruled on this joint request.”

Katyal also appeared by phone on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show on Tuesday night to discuss the matter. He confirmed that the case will be routed through the same Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled unanimously against Donald Trump’s first attempted Muslim ban. This story is still developing. Trump has not yet tweeted a response.

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