SNL’s Putin makes fun of Donald Trump for drawing fewer people than the Women’s March

Saturday Night Live took a different approach to its opening sketch tonight, as Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump failed to appear, with Russian president Vladimir Putin handling the opening jokes instead. But don’t worry, because the shirtless Putin spent the entire time making fun of the real Donald Trump. Specifically, the punchlines were aimed at the poor attendance for Trump’s inauguration, the massive turnout today for the Women’s March against him, and Trump’s compulsion to lie about the turnout.

SNL’s Putin character showed comparison photos on the screen which revealed that Trump’s inauguration failed to come close to filling the National Mall, while the Women’s March took over the entire city and spread to hundreds of other cities around the nation and the world. He then chided Trump for inexplicably making a speech at the CIA today in which he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd. Kate McKinnon appeared in the sketch as a Russian citizen pretending to approve of Putin.

Aziz Ansari is hosting tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live. He opened his monologue by quipping that the racist Donald Trump is likely sitting at home right now, staring at SNL and “watching a brown guy make fun of him.”

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