Serial numbers discovered for Wisconsin vote counting machines with tampered seals


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Last night, Palmer Report and other independent news outlets reported that one of Jill Stein’s designated election recount observers in Wisconsin had discovered five different vote counting machines in her recount station alone whose seals had all been visibly tampered with. These five machines were out of nine total used in St Croix County, meaning the majority of the vote counting machines in that county were compromised. Now the serial numbers for two of the machines have been posted.

The designated recount observer in question, named Wendy, posted her report to Jill Stein’s official website along with visual proof that the seals had been broken. The warning stickers on the seal visible state “Removal of label voids warranty.” Here’s a photo of the broken seal on one of the machines, which came directly from the recount observer in question:


And here are photos of the serial numbers of two machines with broken seals:



The two serial numbers in question are DS0315410072 and DS0315410021. The broken seals demonstrate that the vote counting machines have been tampered with, though it’s not yet clear whether the tampering may have come from a hacker who was looking to reprogram them for the sake of rigging the result, or merely from an election official attempting some kind of non-malicious maintenance. But with the majority of the counting machines in St. Croix County having been tampered with, and the possibility that the same may have happened in other Wisconsin counties, it makes the recount all the more notable.

St Croix has chosen to do a recount both by hand and by reusing these machines, so any major difference in the two totals from the county would indeed point to foul play. Those recount vote totals are still forthcoming. Once again, this information came directly from a report filed by a designated recount observer posted on Jill Stein’s official campaign website.



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