President Biden comes out swinging over January 6th

I tend to agree with CNN’s comment regarding President Biden’s January 6th speech. They said the “most important” line of the speech was this: “You can’t love your country only when you win.”

This comment knocks it out of the park and sums up the problem with Maga AND the whole Republican party in general. As the country (at least some of us) observed the seriousness of January 6th, Biden gave an utterly beautiful speech, a sparkling waterfall of words that flowed effortlessly and showed why we so love our President.

And Biden also was not shy in putting the blame where it should be — at the feet of one assolini.

Biden said that Trump and his fawning sycophants had held “a dagger at the throat of democracy.” And he said the threat is still ongoing. Biden was clear and concise in his speech which was received very well. Biden’s voice was calm and steady and, at times, booming and always brimming with authority and love for America. “The former President’s supporters are trying to rewrite history,” our President said.

They are indeed. Only we’re not going to let them. Most Republicans did not partake in honoring the deadly day. Instead, they were MIA — possibly trembling in their cowardly boots and hoping fervently that Trump didn’t put out hateful statements about any of them.


So it is official. We have one political party in this country — and we have a group of lawless, gutless, chicken-hearted thugs. Thank you, President Biden, for your beautiful and inspiring speech.

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