None of the top Washington DC private schools want Kellyanne Conway’s kids

Donald Trump may not be bothering to relocate his school-age child to Washington DC in 2017, as he doesn’t seem to view being “president” as a full time job to begin with. But his sidekick Kellyanne Conway is attempting to move her entire family to the capital city as she prepares to take on a senior role in the Trump administration. The trouble: none of the top private schools in Washington DC seem to want her kids.

The most elite private schools in DC have readily accepted the school-age children of the Obamas and the Clintons over the years, but it appears they want nothing to do with the Conway children. Why? According to Kellyanne, her kids are being shunned to her own association with Donald Trump, or so says the Daily Mail. In recent months she’s become one of the most visible faces of the Trump campaign and transition team, and her near constant lying on his behalf has made her a widespread target of scorn.


The wholesale rejection of Kellyanne Conway’s kids by the top Washington DC private schools raises another question: is it possible that Donald and Melania Trump have decided not to move their youngest child to DC because they’ve already figured out that the top DC schools don’t want a Trump kid either? In any case it’s not yet clear what Conway might do if she can’t find a private school for her children. We might suggest she put them in a public school. But then again, Trump’s Secretary of Education nominee doesn’t appear to believe in public schools to begin with.

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