Mike Pence “victory tour” only draws a few hundred people

Last week we reported that Donald Trump’s historically bizarre victory tour had kicked off to half empty arena in Cincinnati, in a clear sign that – for whatever various reasons – he’s simply unable to draw the kinds of crowds he was getting before he accidentally won the election. But Trump’s troubles are nothing compared to that of his running mate Mike Pence, whose own victory crowd was nearly non existent.

Ten days ago we asked where Mike Pence had disappeared to, as he had virtually vanished after an ill fated Hamilton appearance, and appeared to be playing no role in a chaotic transition team that he was supposedly in charge of. Now Pence has finally showed his face, and let’s just say not that many people were interested in seeing his face.

Pence held a victory tour type event in New Orleans in the hope of generating support for the Republican candidate in the Louisiana Senate runoff race, John Kennedy. But it appears that no one there had any real interest in either of them. According to the local Times-Picayune newspaper in New Orleans, the rally drew a crowd of just a “few hundred people.”


Meanwhile, Mike Pence is still fending off a growing (and ironic) email scandal which Palmer Report has been covering from the start. This comes even as major news outlets largely ignore Pence’s very real email scandal, after having spent the previous eighteen months obsessively reporting on Hillary Clinton’s email in exaggerated fashion.

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