Matt Gaetz has lost it


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And now the latest installment in “Matt Gaetz is royally screwed.”

First, however, I want to thank the people who have commented on some of my articles and asked if I see their comments. I do. I am not a big social media person so I cannot respond but all your comments are noted and I deeply appreciate them.

Like many of you, I have been following the Britney Spears case with interest. I am on her side, of course. And I was delighted when we all got the news that she could hire her own lawyer.

There was another person, not connected to Spears, who was also excited.

I will give you a hint of who it is. This person is from Florida. He is a Congressman. His last name rhymes with “hates.” And he has exceptionally high-standing hair.

Have you guessed? Why it’s Matt Gaetz, of course!

Gaetz (needs a better hairstyle, insurrection party, Florida) seems to have appointed himself Spears’ champion. If you were to look at his Twitter page, you’d see tweet after tweet of outrage about what Spears has gone through.

I do not believe Gaetz gives a damn about Spears. Call me cynical. Call me jaded. Call me a skeptic. I am all those things. Yet, the fact remains Gaetz is merely trying to deflect attention from his legal woes.

I imagine soon he will be trying to take credit for the court’s decision. The preppy Floridian even showed up at her court hearing and called her father “a dick.” He is, but what Gaetz was doing there and why he chose to intrude upon a private moment speaks volumes about the man.

This will not work. I expect his troubles have just begun. We will see what the future holds for the Venmo fan.


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