Joe Scarborough rips into MSNBC and other news outlets for refusing to name Joe Biden the winner

The mathematical trend lines have been fairly clear since Wednesday morning that Joe Biden would win this election. The Pennsylvania numbers in particular became unmistakably clear on Friday morning. Yet the major media outlets are still refusing to call the race.

If you’re outraged at this tone deaf cowardice, it turns out you’re not the only one. Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough just ripped into the media, calling them “irresponsible” for refusing to call Pennsylvania for Joe Biden even though it’s “obviously in the bag.”

Scarborough pointed out that the major media outlets keep moving the goal posts for how “sure” they want to be before making a call. First it was 10,000 votes in Pennsylvania. Then it was a certain percentage. These numbers have essentially been blown past, and Scarborough wants to know why the media keeps “moving the goal posts.”


Notably, MSNBC itself is one of the major news outlets who will end up calling this race. Joe Scarborough knows this. At this point he’s live on the air on MSNBC, ripping into MSNBC. We’ve reached that point. We expect the race to finally be called later today.

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