Jill Stein to unveil new Pennsylvania recount strategy on Monday in front of Trump Tower

Despite a strange outburst of misleading and often outright false headlines from major news outlets on Saturday night declaring that Jill Stein had abandoned her recount effort in Pennsylvania, the real story turns out to be quite the opposite. After Pennsylvania tried to hit her with a concocted $1 million bond just to hear her case, she announced a different strategy instead. It’s one which has just as much chance of working. And she’ll be announcing it on Monday – in front of Trump Tower.

Pennsylvania state law mandates an automatic statewide recount if the winning margin is 0.5% or smaller. The state originally posted vote totals showing Donald Trump winning the state by well over one percent of the vote. But thanks to subsequent revisions from various precincts in the state, Trump now holds a statewide lead of just 47,603 votes, giving him just a 0.8% margin.

Jill Stein’s new strategy, which is buried in the seventh paragraph of an eight paragraph Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper article (which happens to have a wildly misleading headline), is to begin trying to force county level recounts in Pennsylvania in order to bring the margin down to the 0.5% threshold. She only needs to get precincts to correct their numbers such that Trump’s lead shrinks by another 20,000 votes, which is entirely reasonable considering that various counties have already shaved more than 23,000 votes off Trump’s supposed lead simply by correcting some of their own errors. Rather than backing down, Stein is going full throttle on Monday.


Even as Donald Trump continues to hole himself up inside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, largely hiding from the public and only communicating through Twitter posts that may not even be coming from him, scores of protesters have remained outside the building. On Monday, Jill Stein will be holding a press conference outside Trump Tower in order to announce her new Pennsylvania recount strategy, which we’ve outlined above. This comes even as the major news outlets continue to incorrectly claim that she’s abandoned her PA recount effort. Update: Stein is also suing Pennsylvania in federal court.

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