Jill Stein needs more recount donations to overcome Wisconsin’s malicious price hike

Third party candidate Jill Stein has thus far done everything she promised she would when she asked for millions of dollars in public donations to fund the cost of recounts in three states. She’s already successfully gotten the Wisconsin recount underway, she’s fighting in court to get the Michigan recount started imminently, and she’s litigating the Pennsylvania recount. But Wisconsin GOP officials have massively hiked up the price of what they told her the recount would cost – and thus she needs another round of donations.

Jill Stein was initially told by Wisconsin officials that the recount would cost approximately $1.1 million. But after the state tried and largely failed to sabotage her in court to prevent a hand recount from happening, it’s now trying a new approach: charging an insane amount of money for each of the counties that have agreed to do hand recounts. According to Wisconsin’s official election website, at the time this article is being written, Stein is now on the hook for $3,898,340 instead of the mere $1.1 million she was told.


Stein has already received more than $6.8 million in donations, so she has enough cash on hand to pay Wisconsin’s sudden ransom. But to do, she’ll have to tap into the funds that she had initially raised to pay for the Michigan and Pennsylvania recount fees, as well as the attorney fees which will be required to fight those two states to force the recounts. In other words, because she’s now being sabotaged by the Republican officials running Wisconsin, she legitimately needs more money than has been raised up to this point. Stein’s donation page is still active, for those who believe in the recount cause and are in a position to donate.

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