During Trump campaign, Michael Flynn met with Turkish minister who does oil business with ISIS

It turns out Donald Trump and Michael Flynn have a much bigger problem on their hands than the mere fact that Flynn was on the take from a foreign government and Trump knew about it. Flynn was paid half a million dollars by a Turkish government intermediary to represent its interests while he was working for the Trump campaign and administration – and the guy who paid Flynn also set him up with a meeting with a Turkish minister who does oil business with ISIS.

Michael Flynn now admits he took $530,000 in consulting money from Turkish businessman Ekim Alptekin. In turn, Alptekin admits he set up a meeting in September between Flynn and two members of the Turkish government. According to this Associated Press report, Flynn’s own recent government filings state that he met with “Turkey’s ministers of foreign affairs and energy.” The latter is almost certainly a reference to the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, also informally known as the Minister of Oil. That’s a man by the name of Berat Albayrak. And that’s a big problem — for Flynn and Trump.

According to hacked and stolen leaked emails which The Independent reported on, Berat Albayrak does business with a company that’s been “implicated in deals with ISIS-controlled oil fields.” In other words, while he was a Donald Trump campaign adviser, Michael Flynn held a meeting with a Turkish minister who does business with ISIS terrorists.

Congressman Elijah Cummings sent a publicly available letter to Mike Pence’s office on November 18th, alerting him to Michael Flynn’s financial arrangement with Turkey. That means Pence, and assuredly Trump, knew Flynn was on Turkey’s payroll when they decided to appoint him National Security Adviser. Did they also know that Flynn had recently met with a guy who does business with ISIS? Contribute to Palmer Report

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