House Intel Chair Devin Nunes admits Donald Trump White House staffer is under surveillance

One day before the House Intelligence Committee begins its public hearings on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, its two principals made the rounds on the morning talk shows. Democratic ranking member Adam Schiff is continuing to point to evidence of wrongdoing. Republican chair Devin Nunes tried to downplay the scandal – but he slipped up and admitted that one of Trump’s current White House staffers is under surveillance.

Congressman Nunes made the admission while appearing on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace this morning. Wallace didn’t catch it, but ShareBlue reporter Tommy Christopher did – and he transcribed the relevant exchange. Here’s what Nunes said on-air: “If you look at the folks that are working at the White House today, that are involved in the Trump administration, I don’t think there’s any but one there that is under any type of investigation or surveillance activities at all.”

So just who is under surveillance? Devin Nunes is clearly referring to people currently working at the White House, so that rules out someone like Michael Flynn, who has already been fired. Could it be Steve Bannon? The state of Florida is reportedly investigating him for possible voter fraud, but that’s not the kind of thing that triggers a federal surveillance warrant. Is it Sebastian Gorka, whose alleged ties to a Hungarian Nazi group were brought to light this week? Or is someone currently on Trump’s White House staff still colluding with Russia in some kind of criminal manner?

That part we don’t know – but Nunes does. And this was likely something he wasn’t supposed to publicly acknowledge. Although he’s been quick to try to downplay the Trump-Russia scandal, he’s also become increasingly loose with his words. Will he further slip up during the public hearings tomorrow and reveal more information about just who within Trump’s White House is currently under surveillance, and why they’re being surveilled? Even as Nunes tries to paint Trump as being innocent, he’s unwittingly pointing to Trump’s guilt. Contribute to Palmer Report