Hawaii Republican Leader Beth Fukumoto quits Republican Party over Donald Trump, joins Democrats

Just how much damage is the increasingly unpopular and toxically scandalous Donald Trump doing to the Republican Party? Well, for one thing, the leader of the Hawaii Republican Party just decided to become a Democrat. Representative Beth Fukumoto, who until recently had been the Republican Minority Leader in the Hawaii House of Representatives, concluded there wasn’t enough room for her and Trump in the same party – so she officially resigned from her own party today.

Beth Fukumoto posted a YouTube video today announcing her resignation from the Republican Party, effective immediately. But she’s not giving up her legislative seat. Instead she’s seeking membership in the Democratic Party. She had long been pushing back against Donald Trump’s openly racist and xenophobic policies, which had led to friction with some of her fellow Republicans in the Hawaii Legislature. And now she’s had enough.

Watch Representative Beth Fukumoto’s announcement that she’s quitting the Republican Party over Donald Trump: