Good move by President Joe Biden


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I love President Biden.

He is such a good and decent man.

Biden drips empathy. It is apparent in his soft and soothing voice. It is evident in his twinkly eyes and his gentle words.

And now our President has done another awesome thing.

He has appointed Gold Star father, Khizr Khan, to the United States Commission on International Religious freedom.

Khan is an extraordinary man. He is also the one who was ridiculed by the slimebag that is the former guy.

Khan attempted to school the orange loser in the Constitution. It had no effect, but the former guy doesn’t like to read, and perhaps he doesn’t even know what the Constitution is.

Khan’s son Army Officer and hero, Humayun Khan, died from a car bomb in 2004 in Baghdad.

I still remember Khan’s riveting speech. At the time, I thought HE was the one who should have been running for President. The man has more knowledge in one finger than the orange lunatic does in his whole unwieldy torso.

“Khizr Khan, founder of the Consitution Literacy and National Unity Project, is an advocate for religious freedom as a core element of human dignity,” the White House declared in the announcement of the nomination.

Khan is a great man appointed by another great man. I’ve no doubt he will do extraordinary well in his new post. Once again, we thank our President for an inspiring and terrific nomination.


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