– Tonight’s debate, if it even happens, is going to be a dumpster fire. Top questions Kamala Harris should ask Mike Pence: When were you last tested for coronavirus? Why are you so afraid of plexiglass? Does “mother” know you’re here? Have you considered invoking the 25th Amendment? Are you high right now? What is wrong with you?

– Donald Trump, who’s currently spreading coronavirus particles on as many people as possible, is now referring to other people as “scum.”

– Something that Donald Trump’s doctors should keep in mind: Michael Jackson’s doctor went to prison for helping him abuse the drugs that killed him.

– It was nice of Republican Senator Martha McSally to decide during last night’s debate that if she was going to lose, she wanted to lose with dignity. Just kidding, she imploded like a distempered two year old.


– Imagine being a Republican Senator and betting your career on the hope that Donald Trump wasn’t going to completely implode between the day he was acquitted and the day of the election. Did any of them really think they were going to win that bet? Or did the cowards simply decide it was easier to lose with him than to fight him?

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