Is Donald Trump broke? He’s “struggled” to come up with money for transition team salaries

It turns out self professed “billionaire” Donald Trump is either unwilling or unable to pay the salaries of his transition team. One of Trump’s own surrogates said today that Trump has “struggled” to pay their salaries, which are not covered by the government because Trump has not yet taken office. Instead of ponying up from his own supposed billions, Trump is now sending his top people to beg for money from billionaires instead.

NPR News affiliate WBFO in Buffalo is reporting that Donald Trump is sending his sidekick Kellyanne Conway to host a fundraiser in the city in the hope of raising enough money to cover the salaries of the transition team employees. Congressman Chris Collins, who is a vocal Trump supporter, admitted to the radio station that Trump has “struggled to raise the private funds needed to pay these individuals.”

This in turn raises the question of why Donald Trump would be unable to pay these individuals out of pocket, and is instead resorting to tying up the people he’s the most personally dependent upon – such as Conway – in out of town fundraisers. Is he just that intent on squeezing a small amount of money out of these donors to cover the salaries, because he’s just that cheap? Or is he unable to pay the salaries because, as has been posited for the past year, he’s just that broke? Stay tuned.

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