Donald Trump’s own supporters demand he fire Jared Kushner

Here’s a turn of events that no one on either might have seen coming when this all started: large swaths of Donald Trump’s own support base are now demanding today that he fire his own son-in-law Jared Kushner from the White House. So many of them have taken to Twitter today with overwhelming force that “#FireKushner” has become the second most popular trending topic on the social network. And in a rare moment of agreement, Trump’s detractors are helping to further that message.

The incident was partially sparked by Donald Trump’s removal this week of far-right white nationalist Steve Bannon from the White House National Security Council. This, accompanied with the widespread reports of Trump simultaneously handing a wide range of new foreign and domestic authority to Jared Kushner, has led many in Trump’s base to conclude that Kushner is at fault for Bannon’s demotion. Part of that sentiment came from Trump’s InfoWars gun-nut pal Alex Jones, who posted a bizarre video to that effect. But other Trump supporters are blaming Kushner for Trump’s sudden interest in playing traffic cop in Syria. Accordingly, the angry tweets today from Trump’s base look like this:

You can find endless more similar tweets from Trump supporters at the #FireKushner hashtag (link). Remarkably, a number of Donald Trump’s detractors have begun using that same hashtag to pile on with anti-Kushner tweets, as well as tweets simply making fun of Trump’s base for turning against one of its own. This has further boosted the prominence of the trending hashtag, causing even more embarrassment for Trump. Contribute to Palmer Report

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