Donald Trump’s life has been shattered

Donald Trump’s life has been shattered. His relevance is gone. He knows it’s about to get even worse for him once he’s indicted. So of course he’s clinging to the delusional fantasy that it’ll magically work out for him. He was fantasizing about being rescued by the 2024 election, and now that he realizes he’ll be in prison before then, he’s fantasizing about magically being back in office before his arrest. It’s how he’s mentally coping with his destruction. It doesn’t mean the rest of us have to entertain that fantasy.

Do we pile on, now that Trump is mince meat? Of course. We don’t let up until he’s in prison and his movement is dismantled. But we don’t have to act like he’s somehow magically going to make a comeback. That’s not vigilance on our part, it’s tepid defeatism.

Is Trump dangerous in the meantime? Of course. He’s a viciously deranged person who knows he’s been destroyed, which means he’ll try to take others down with him. That’s why we finish him off. But let’s assume we’re going to win this battle. None of this cowering nonsense.

Sitting around and idly lamenting about the “danger” and “damage” of hypothetical doomsday scenarios is not activism – no matter how many doomsday pundits try to convince you otherwise. Activism means working hard and fighting and winning, and presuming you’re going to win. So let’s see this through. Trump’s indictment and arrest is coming within months. So we’ll keep the heat on him in the meantime.

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