Donald Trump invents imaginary word “euphenism” to explain his lies about Carrier jobs

No, that’s not a typo in our headline. We’re not referring to euphemism, which is when you use a more polite word in place of a curse word. But after Donald Trump’s latest embarrassing outburst, we may need a few of those around here. Now that Carrier has announced it’s moving hundreds of jobs to Mexico almost immediately after Trump handed the company a massive tax break for keeping jobs in the U.S., Trump is trying to explain it away by insisting that his original claim was merely a “euphenism.” What the hell is that?

“But that was a euphenism,” said Donald Trump while trying to explain how the Carrier deal went so horribly wrong for him and for American workers and for the taxpayers who just footed the bill for his failed stunt. In the video below you can hear that he clearly said “euphenism,” an imaginary word we have to keep teaching to our spell checker. We checked with the Merriam Webster dictionary and confirmed that no such word exists.


Even if Trump was attempting to use the word euphemism, it still made no sense in the context in which he used it. He was trying to explain why his bold claims about saving Carrier jobs during the campaign and in recent days have turned out to be a grossly exaggerated claim (source: PolitiFact) that he knew he could never pull off. That’s not what a euphemism is at all. Most people would simply call it a broken promise or a lie. Watch Donald Trump make up the imaginary word “euphenism” in the very brief video below:

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