Donald Trump’s pre-inauguration event hosts: a convicted felon and two alleged murderers

The good news for Donald Trump is that he’s finally found a few public figures willing to participate in one of his inauguration events, after having been rebuked by a number of famous faces who want nothing to do with him. The bad news for Trump is that one of the public figures in question is an accused sexual assaulter, as well as a felon convicted of extortion related charges, and the NFL once banned him from the football team he owned. The worse news: two of the others are alleged murderers.

Just minutes after Donald Trump shockingly tweeted public support for Vladimir Putin and Russia in its sanctions battle against the United States, which received widespread backlash across social media, Trump’s staff posted another tweet in his name. This one was far less likely to cause World War III and instead merely announced the hosts and “special guests” for his upcoming pre-inauguration day party. But because everything Trump does involves controversy, the headliners include Eddie DeBartolo and Ray Lewis.

Eddie DeBartolo was the owner of the San Francisco 49ers until he got so mixed up in an extortion scheme that he ended up pleading guilty to felony charges. The National Football League banned him for a year as a result, and rather than attempt to come back, he handed the team off to a family member and never returned. Ray Lewis was a star linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens whose career was nearly cut short when he stood trial for double murder and ultimately entered into a plea agreement for a lesser charge. But it gets even worse.


As if that weren’t troubling enough, another “special guest” listed for Donald Trump’s pre-inaguruation event is Bobby Knight, the former Indiana Hoosiers basketball coach who was fired after allegedly choking one of his players – as well as former NFL player Jim Brown, who was once charged with intent to commit murder. In fairness, some of the guests listed for Trump’s pre-inaugural event are not known to be criminals.

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