Devin Nunes bailed on an Uber ride and vanished the night before his Trump-Russia stunt

Now that the entire political universe is trying to figure out why Congressman Devin Nunes set himself on fire this week by running to Donald Trump with supposed classified evidence in the FBI investigation into Donald Trump, more details are emerging – but they only make the whole thing even more surreal and strange. Daily Beast is reporting that the night before Nunes pulled his stunt, he prematurely bailed on his own Uber ride and disappeared.

Nunes was riding in an Uber vehicle with a “senior committee staffer” on Tuesday night when he received a phone call, prompting him to have the car stopped. He then jumped out of the car and vanished, leaving the confused staffer behind. Where did he go? No one knows for sure yet, and no one in his own circle saw him until the next day. But the phone call was presumably from whoever ended up feeding him the supposed Trump-Russia classified intel that night – and any authorized briefer from any intel agency would never have used such a method.

Where did Nunes go after he abruptly exited his Uber? Did he hop the subway? Was he picked up by the person who had called him? Did he get into another Uber just to ditch the committee staffer? The Daily Beast article doesn’t say which committee the staffer worked for. But Nunes only belongs to the House Intelligence Committee and House Ways & Means Committee, and considering that this was the night before the big House Intel hearings, it’s presumable that he was out with a House Intel Committee staffer. That means he didn’t even want his own staffer from the committee he chairs to know whom he was meeting up with. But there are other odd clues here.

Uber is trendy, but the primary reason people use it is that it’s significantly cheaper than a taxi cab. As a United States Congressman, Devin Nunes makes $174,000 per year and should be able to afford a taxi. However, Palmer Report has recently reported that Nunes – who is a farmer by trade – has one of the lowest net worths of anyone in Congress, and that around 98% of his money is tied up in a winery that does business in Russia. It raises the question of whether he may be so cash poor that he’s vulnerable to Russian blackmail or bribery – though we’ve found no specific evidence of that thus far – and whether it might help explain his bizarre self immolating role in the Russia scandal this week.

Palmer Report is still attempting to determine which House Intel Committee staffer was with Devin Nunes in the Uber ride that night, and where they were supposed to be headed when Nunes suddenly bailed. All we know for now is that Nunes decided to more or less end his career in a panic move the next morning. In the mean time, this story gets stranger by the minute – and answers must be found as to where Nunes truly went that night. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report