Democrats reveal Devin Nunes is under criminal investigation in Trump-Russia scandal

It’s been clear for quite some time to anyone who has been paying close attention, and now the Democrats are flat out publicly acknowledging it: Congressman Devin Nunes isn’t bending over backwards in buffoonish fashion to try to get Donald Trump off the hook in the Russia scandal simply because Nunes likes Trump. One of the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee revealed this evening that Nunes is in fact under investigation for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal itself.

Congressman Eric Swalwell appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews this evening and revealed that Devin Nunes is a “potential subject” in the Trump-Russia investigation. He didn’t go into detail, but it’s not difficult to connect the dots and figure out the role that Nunes played in the scandal. He was on the Trump transition team. Michael Flynn notified the transition team about his illegal plot with the Russian Ambassador to undermine U.S. sanctions against Russia. That means Nunes had to have known about it, which means he participated in a conspiracy against the United States.

Mueller has Flynn as a cooperating witness, and he has all of the transition team emails, which means that Nunes is nailed. His current antics with his lying memo about the FBI, and his previous antics last year in which he leaked classified information about the Trump-Russia investigation to the White House, have all been a ham-fisted attempt at getting himself off the hook.

Up to now, House Democrats have been avoiding pointing out the rather plain fact that Devin Nunes is under criminal investigation for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal, and for good reason. They wouldn’t want to risk tainting the criminal case against Nunes by talking about the investigation at all. But now that Nunes has gone completely off the rails with his memo, it appears the Democrats are ready to simply out him. Nunes is going to prison.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report