Stephanie Hansen wins Delaware state senate race, as Democrats retain majority

Just a few hours after the Democratic National Committee successfully installed its new national leadership team of DNC Chair Tom Perez and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, the Democratic Party has received good news on a local level. Stephanie Hansen has been declared the winner in the Delaware state senate race today, assuring that the Democrats will retain the majority in the Delaware state legislature, and thus full control over the traditionally blue state.

The race was officially called this evening in favor of Hansen by the respected Decision Desk HQ, which announced it via tweet: “We project that Stephanie Hansen has won #SD10. The Delaware State Senate stays Democratic, trifecta preserved.” This comes after the race received nationwide attention, with former Vice President Joe Biden – who had previously been a U.S. Senator from Delaware and remains immensely popular in the region – actively campaigned on her behalf.

As a practical matter, this blocks the attempted takeover of the Delaware state senate by the Republican Party. And as a large symbolic matter, it gives the Democrats something to hang their hat on in their ongoing battle against Donald Trump, as they prepare to gear up for the 2018 midterm races which may be the most important in modern history. Contribute to Palmer Report

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