Treasury Department financial crimes unit agrees to turn over Donald Trump’s records to Senate Intel

One day after Donald Trump tried to make the Russia investigation go away by firing FBI Director James Comey, the Senate Intelligence Committee fired back by asking the financial crimes division of the U.S. Treasury Department to turn over Donald Trump’s records. Now the FinCEN division says it’s cooperating with the committee and will turn over what’s being requested. These records involve, among other things, Trump’s history of money laundering.

Palmer Report first reported four weeks ago that the FinCEN division of the Treasury had imposed a $10 million fine on the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino for money laundering violations which took place in mid 2015, while Donald Trump still owned a significant stake in it (link). This information had been available on the Treasury website the entire time, but had gone essentially unreported by the media.

Then on Wednesday of this week, two days after Trump fired Comey, the Senate Intel Committee asked FinCEN for its records on the Trump Taj Mahal’s money laundering (link). And now according to the Wall Street Journal (link), FinCEN is agreeing to turn over everything the committee wants.

The publicly available information about the civil action levied against Trump’s Taj Mahal never specified who the money laundering customers were, or what nations those individuals were from. Now we’re about to find out if that years long pattern of money laundering in Trump’s hotel was in fact being carried out by Russian nationals, as many have come to suspect.

Palmer Report predicted that Trump would face swift and severe blowback for firing Comey, and it appears that’s now fully underway. What’s remarkable here is that Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has not tried to block FinCEN’s release of the Trump documents. But doing so would represent obstruction of justice, and it’s possible Mr. Mnuchin is unwilling to commit that crime on Trump’s behalf. Help fund Palmer Report

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