Congressional source: Russia holding proof of contact during Donald Trump campaign

Now that the government of Russia has helped to install Donald Trump in the Oval Office, its goal is predictably turning out to be not to work with him, but to destabilize the United States by making sure he’s delegitimized. The latest evidence of this comes from a congressional source who is asserting that the Russians are holding proof of their own contact with Trump’s people during the campaign – and presumably holding that proof over his head.

The news comes from Scott Dworkin from the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, which has uncovered a significant amount of evidence in the Trump-Russia scandal. Dworkin says that his source is a “hill staffer” – meaning Capitol Hill – and that the staffer said “There is indisputable proof of contact with multiple members of Trump campaign staff” and that “other countries intercepted multiple comms between trump campaign staff and Russia.”

The unnamed congressional staffer went on to assert that the release of anything from Russia on Trump is “part of the war we are in with Russia” — implying that there is already a full scale cyberwar going on between the United States and Russia, and that the hacking of the election in order to install the erratic and compromised Trump was part of that ongoing war.

You can follow Scott Dworkin’s full disclosure of his conversation with the congressional source on his Twitter feed. Meanwhile, as we’ve been reporting throughout the day, the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee is now taking concrete steps forward on its Trump-Russia investigation involving testimony and the threat of subpoenas. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report