Come on Chris Wallace, this is beneath you

Chris Wallace sticks out like a sore thumb on Troll TV (Fox News.) He is often in the middle on issues and has refused to get into the Trump sycophancy game. Until recently. I don’t know if Wallace has lost his mind or what, but his behavior this past Sunday was horrible.

I watched the show. His seemingly endless desire to pick, pick, pick away at President Biden confounded me. It is not the usual behavior of Wallace.

Many have speculated that Wallace is just trying to keep his job. And that may well be true. Cable news does not have an endless amount of options, so were Wallace to leave-where would he go?

I was prepared to give him a pass on Sunday until he went full-on negative about Democrats.

Wallace devoted more time to Senator Tim Scott (Republican-Insurrection Party-South Carolina) than anything in Biden’s speech. And Wallace accused the Democrats of racism because “Uncle Tim” was trending on Twitter for a while.

I was shocked at the stupidity of his argument. First off, labeling an entire party racist because of a few tweets is in itself wildly off the mark and behavior I’d have expected from Tucker Carlson, not Wallace.
Does Wallace realize Twitter is not real life? And how does he know who was behind the tweets? It was lousy to see him jump into the land of stupidity game, but I guess whatever it is they have over at Troll TV is indeed catching.


Wallace does run the risk of destroying his brand and his reputation for fairness. If he continues his partisan attacks, I would not be surprised to see his ratings plunge.

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