CIA, FBI, NSA got secret warrant in October to probe Russian funding of Donald Trump campaign

Numerous Americans were outraged when they learned, after the 2016 presidential election was over, that the FBI had kept its investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia a secret from the public — even as the agency tried to create the appearance that Hillary Clinton was under investigation when she wasn’t. Americans are about to become even more outraged over the matter, as it turns out that a joint task force involving five U.S. agencies was investigating whether Russia was funding Trump’s campaign, and also kept it from the public.

The BBC has released a stunning new report which claims that the CIA encountered evidence all the way back in April of 2016 that the Kremlin was funneling money into Donald Trump’s campaign for president. The CIA can’t investigate domestic matters so it formed a task force with the FBI, NSA, DOJ, and Treasury Department — basically an all hands call for domestic help on the matter. But their attempt at getting warrant to move on the matter was shot down in secret court, and by the time they had obtained a less powerful warrant, it was October 15th, just three weeks before the election.


Still, all of the above agencies chose to keep their investigation into Russian funding of Donald Trump campaign a secret from the American people when they went to cast their votes on Election Day. The BBC says it’s not yet clear what the result of the investigation was. But it’s information that many voters would surely have liked to have known before they voted.

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