California Republicans go berserk as recall race comes to a head

Arguing was never fun for me.

I do not like arguing, but I do enjoy debating. Sadly, these days many debates turn into arguments. These times we live in are strange indeed.

So, I want to tell you a story, and it concerns Larry Elder.

As Palmer Report told you, Elder had eggs thrown at him. I don’t condone that attack as I think our side is better than this.

However, since this event occurred, some Republicans have declared Democrats condone violence.

This is an excellent example of irony at its finest. Apparently, not acknowledging January 6th is dandy. But somehow, Democrats have earned the blanket label of being a bunch of violent and abhorrent criminals.

I had the non-privilege of debating one of these Elder supporters just this week. But alas, the debate quickly turned into an argument, proving my point about the times we now live in.

An outraged Elder supporter was howling about how no Democrat has come forward against the egg incident.
I responded that I had and many I know had. I then asked the question — do you agree what happened on January 6th was wrong?

In true manipulative form, the person never answered me. Instead, they chose to engage in the “strawman’s argument.”

The straw man argument is a fascinating thing.

When one is engaging in the strawman’s argument, that person expertly avoids answering a question while making it APPEAR they have answered it. Politicians do it all the time. And sometimes it works.

Here is what Elder’s superfan said to me:

OK, so you called it out! But I don’t see you going out and DOING anything! You Democrats talk a good game, but you don’t DO anything. What actions have you taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Very good! Or not. I ended the conversation.

Do you see the evasion? Not only was the Elder fan able to avoid an answer, but they made it look like THEY were the aggrieved party — and they invoked the strawman’s argument.

And we cannot let these idiots run California, so please continue to get out the vote — we have less than a week remaining!

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