Bob Corker launches Senate hearings aimed at destroying Donald Trump

Last night the Republican Party suffered severe electoral losses all across the nation, as mainstream Americans continue to punish the party for not yet having ousted Donald Trump. Now one of Trump’s biggest critics within his own party, influential Senator Bob Corker, appears to smell blood in the water. He’s invoking the nuclear option against Trump – in the literal sense of the word – and he’s not the only one in Congress who’s now going for the jugular.

Bob Corker has revealed that he’s using his position as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to hold hearings on the President’s authority to use nuclear weapons (link). This is a clear cut attempt at selling Americans on the idea that Donald Trump is too mentally and psychologically unstable to be trusted with the unilateral authority to launch nuclear weapons. These hearings will serve as a spectacle for the purpose of painting Trump as deranged. It’s not yet clear if these hearings will be public. However, other hearings on the committee’s schedule are labeled as “CLOSED” and this one is not (link). It gets even worse for Trump.

Senator Corker will hold his nuclear hearings on November 14th. On that same day, the House Judiciary Committee will haul Attorney General Jeff Sessions in for public testimony regarding new revelations in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, which will amount to yet another embarrassing and damaging public spectacle for Trump and what’s left of his administration (link). There’s even more.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin just unilaterally blocked several of Donald Trump’s nominees. House Republicans decided today to finally rein in rogue Congressman Devin Nunes, who had been trying to run interference on Trump’s behalf when it comes to the Russia scandal (link). In the wake of yesterday’s decisively anti-Trump election results, his opponents in Congress are moving in for the kill against him, and his remaining allies in Congress are backing off from their prior support. This could be the sea change we’ve been awaiting.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report