‪Voter fraud? Donald Trump’s Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin registered to vote in two states‬

Now that Donald Trump has spent the morning ranting about supposed “voter fraud” so that he doesn’t have to admit he legitimately lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by three million votes, the fallout isn’t going particularly well for him. Major media outlets are all confirming that voter fraud is extradordinarily rare, and that what he’s referring to doesn’t exist on any institutional level. It’s also sent investigative reporters digging into the voting records of Trump’s own people, and let’s just say it’s not going well for him.

Donald Trump’s own nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, is registered to vote in the states of California and New York according to a new CNN report. That’s not illegal unless he actually voted in both states in the same election, and there’s currently no evidence that he did. Instead it’s more likely that he moved from one state to the other and simply failed to void his voter registration the state he was leaving. But it’s precisely the kind of supposed “voter fraud” which Donald Trump has been railing about. And it gets worse for him.


It turns out Donald Trump’s own daughter Tiffany Trump is also registered to vote in two states.

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