You’d think the sky was falling

The media can be very fickle. One minute they are for you and the next minute not so much. These media inconsistencies have been around for years. But the level of defeatism they have shown toward the Democrats is confounding.

Some in the media have begun openly talking about 2022 and what will happen when the GOP takes back the House. Only for many in the media, it is not a question of “if.” It is a question of “when.”

I have a big problem with this thinking. And I do not believe all of the media figures saying this even believe what they are saying. It is all a way of ginning up ratings.

Ratings have been down among the ‘big three” cable news networks for months. So it stands to reason they have to do something. Why not use fear?

To be clear, I am not saying all pundits do this. Maddow does not. O’Donnell does not. Many others do not. But some do, and it causes great harm because it causes some viewers to feel discouraged and listless. That is the last thing we can afford right now.

It is important to remember that members of the media did this before the 2020 election also. They practically had Trump inaugurated months before any votes were cast. Likewise, these same people already had the Democrats being the minority in the Senate. We showed them, didn’t we?

I would say when one sees this, change the channel. It does nothing to motivate Democrats and does do everything to demotivate Democrats. For many in the media, this is a ratings game. But for many of us, it’s our lives. And we want a positive and honest reality, not doomsday scenarios. Hopefully, most of these pundits will, in time, figure this out.

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