Yes, Ron DeSantis is in trouble in Florida

There seems to be some hand wringing going on regarding Governor Ron DeSantis (idiot-Florida). Many are convinced that not only will he win reelection in 2022 but that he will be the 2024 GOP Presidential nominee as well.

I want to break this down to show how both of these assumptions are wrong. So here we go. DeSantis has been a terrible Governor. He’s been one of the worst. And the response people give me when I say that is always the same: “Yeah, but look at his poll numbers.”

To that, I’d say so what? And look back at Biden’s poll numbers after Iowa. Seriously. And remember Mayor Pete’s numbers when it briefly looked like the country was about to give him the Democratic nomination.

People, it’s polling. It’s a slice in time. Numbers are always going to change. That is just the nature of Politics. Think about it. Does one think DeSantis will retain those numbers for the next few years?

Now let’s also look at potential 2022 matchups. Whenever polling is done on that subject, the results seem to be tied, which shows that DeSantis has no deep support. With the right candidate, he’s beatable.

Some states are challenging to do polling. Florida is one. It’s like five states in one. There are pockets of the state that are similar to Alabama. Some pockets are as liberal as NYC. It is always tough to poll, and often, the polls turn out to be wrong. That’s not to say we don’t need the polls because we do.


Expect the Governor to make many more mistakes before the midterms. He cannot help himself. And finally, the Governor has all the charisma of sewage water. He’s not a person one would feel tempted to spend any time with. With the right candidate and the right messaging, it’s not only possible to beat DeSantis; we probably can.

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