Winning the voting rights legislation war

I realize a number of you are nervous about all the voter suppression going on. I get it. It seems like we hear of a new GOP plot and scheme just about every day now. And I get the frustration. But we have made progress. Manchin has come a long way from his original stance. And every day, energized Democrats are working hard.

I know the waiting gets to you. It gets to me. I decided to create a list of things people can do themselves. Not every idea will be for everybody. I’m sure you know that. But at the very least, it might lessen the anxiety and give focus where it is needed.

1) Participate in protests if and when you can.

2) educate your friends and family who may not know precisely what is happening.

3) Call Manchin and Sinema. Be professional. Call again and again and again.

4) Donate, but only if you have the funds to do so.

5) Make arrangements early to drive anybody needing a lift to the polls when the time comes. Maybe it will be someone who is disabled. Perhaps it will be someone who does not have a car. Have a plan.

6) Post about what the insurrection party is doing and reach out to people via social media. Create and/or sign petitions on the subject.

7) Move. OK-that one is pretty extreme! But many people ARE in a position to move. If one of those people is you, consider going to a state that needs your help. At the very least, look closely at blue and purple states.

8) When the time comes, volunteer as a poll worker.

9) Call your local Congresspeople and let them know your feelings on the issue of voting rights.

10) Phone bank when the time comes. Educate people via phone about how important it is to get out and vote.

11) Never lose hope.

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