Why these DOJ criminal probes aren’t moving faster

Everybody in this world is unique. Everybody was born with their own talents. And we all do have our own talents. And they can vary significantly. Perhaps you are a whiz at computers. Maybe you were born with the gift of creativity, and you love to make crafts or paint and draw.

Perhaps you are a great cook or love to read, or maybe you have the gift of compassion. But I believe there is one gift all Palmer Report readers have in common. It is the gift of activism.

Activism can be looked on as either a blessing or a curse depending on how things in the world are progressing. But I believe it is a gift. Wanting to promote positive change for the world around you means you are passionate about the world you live in and want to see the best for our nation.

Lately, though, I have seen many express frustrations with how slow things sometimes move. I get that. But I do want to make a few points here. I’d prefer slow and cautious investigations over quick and perhaps reckless ones.

Bill Palmer gave you the example of Michael Avenatti, and I agree he is an excellent example. Recently Avenatti, acting as his own attorney, managed to obtain a mistrial because he found a flaw in the prosecutor’s case. I want careful investigations. I do not want this to happen with any of the GOP who are currently under investigation, like Matt Gaetz or the former guy.

All indications are that Gaetz will be indicted. Barring something extraordinary, I believe he will. And I think the former guy will be as well.

And one more important thing to think about: Let’s say things go our way. Both of them are indicted, the Texas abortion law is thrown out, we win in 2022. Things still will not be perfect. There will be additional trials and tribulations.

There will ALWAYS be something to fight for. And we WILL fight. We will fight because one of the gifts WE were given is the gift of activism. It’s in our blood. We couldn’t stop if we wanted. With our activism, we are helping to make the world a better place. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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