What’s really eating up these MAGA loons

There is something that I am seeing more and more lately. It is a sort of war on intelligence. For some inexplicable reason, intelligence, education and knowledge are being laughed and sneered at.

On the surface, this would seem to be odd behavior. But if we break said behavior down, it does indeed become less strange. Much of this viciousness is happening, in my opinion, for two reasons, which differ greatly.

The GOP politicians are simply following MAGA. They do not hate education. How could they when they themselves are educated? Many of them are highly educated. But MAGA — well, they’re a much different story. For some reason education enrages many of them.

I believe this is because of simple insecurity. Insecurity is at the root of many of our world’s issues, and this is no different. When they call us elite, what are they really saying? Why does knowledge threaten them so deeply? Perhaps they do not feel they themselves have knowledge.


In reality, a smart and knowledgeable person is likely to be much to busy gaining more knowledge to engage in the petty battles that MAGA adores so much. Intelligence is so much more than education. It also involves curiosity and being unafraid to learn about other perspectives and point of views. So, let them continue the ridiculous labels. I’ll take knowledge over rage anytime.

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