What the Republicans are really trying to do right now

After four years of genuflecting and disgracing themselves by making excuses for a deranged disgraced Ex-President, the GOP faces a new challenge: a competent Democratic administration. How will they deal with President Biden? With big ideas about defeating a pandemic, rebuilding our economy, tackling climate change, fixing immigration and finally bringing civil justice to millions of Americans the challenge is daunting. But, the GOP knows just what to do. Obstruct at every turn.

After promising that we’d all be tired of winning, the last four years were nothing but losing. We lost our status in the world, we lost respect, we lost our economy and more importantly we lost our health, safety and well being. Because of their failures the GOP lost the Senate and the Presidency.

The Democrats now control the White House, House, and Senate. And the opportunity to make sweeping changes to better the lives of all of us. The last thing the GOP wants to do is admit that they failed and then aid in the success of a new Democratic administration.


So, they will obstruct. Lure Democrats into negotiations that will go nowhere in an effort to sabotage and delay proposed legislation. Their goal is to wait the clock out. Hope Biden accomplishes nothing and then takes back one or both houses of Congress. Will it work? That’s up to Biden and the Democrats.

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