What does Fox News think it’s even trying to do?

I am convinced that Fox anchors WANT people to hate them. And I am also convinced that they have a special affinity for horses. Think about it. Certain mutants at Fox started talking about Ivermectin, and then — faster than one could say “nay,” their loyal viewers were on it.

The Ivermectin scandal has not gone away. Indeed all over the country, gullible MAGAS are consuming the horse medication, proving once again that perhaps what former guy supporters really need is to live in barns and sleep on hay. I mean, since they appear to think they’re horses — why not?

But now things are worse. An official in New Mexico has announced there has been a death, and it is suspected that Ivermectin is the cause. “I don’t want more people to die of an ivermectin overdose,” Dr. David Scrase said. Scrase is the Human Services Secretary for New Mexico.

I should stress that Ivermectin is suspected as being the cause, but more research is being done to say so conclusively. It is bizarre indeed that these people who are so afraid of getting “the jab” seemingly show no concern about taking animal dewormers.

In fact, the more people push back, the more defiant ivermectin fans get. I believe there is an answer to this though it may not work. Fox pundits should ALL denounce the drug on their shows. They need to tell their viewers this stuff is lethal and might kill you.

That, of course, is most likely never going to happen simply because I do not believe Fox cares a damn about the health and well-being of their viewers. Their audience is a vast money machine, but these pundits have no issue regularly lying, so why should things be any different with Ivermectin?

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