What a difference a year makes

What a difference a year makes. One year ago we had the Orange Florida Man (OFM) squatting in an office he never deserved. Over the course of OFM’s maladministration we’d regularly see him grinning like a fornicating idiot whenever he saw Putin while the rest of the world was on to Putin’s hijinks. Hijinks which included murder and suppression of dissidents at home and abroad. Or the two would come out of meetings with OFM looking very submissive and dejected while Putin strutted around, knowing he just put OFM in his place.

We don’t have that anymore. Now we have an actual President who is not a Russian stooge. We have a President who is willing to let Putin know his shit ain’t gonna fly no more. Going out on a limb here, I imagine if any smiles were exchanged during today’s video call between the two men, they were polite and diplomatic smiles.

I doubt President Biden gave Putin a shit eating grin like OFM used to flash whenever he saw Putin or other strong men who were able to engage in fascist oppression and domination of others that he could only dream of. We now have a President who told Putin that whatever he’s planning in regards to the Ukraine to forget it, and that the United States and other western powers will hit Russia in the pocketbook if Putin goes forward with his plans.


Biden is not perfect, but he is a trillion times better that Russian stooge OFM. Not only is he doing right by people here at home, but also in the larger world by standing up to back ends of horses like Vladimir Putin.

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