We’ve missed you dearly

Wasn’t it reassuring to see our President do a town hall? And he knocked it out of the park! Biden was comforting, empathic, and knowledgeable about the issues before us.

Since President Biden has now been in office for about a month, let’s look at some of the things he has already accomplished. Bear in mind that this isn’t even everything. But it does show that America is back, and we picked a great one in Biden!

Since taking office, Biden has:

Revoked an order excluding undocumented people from the United States census.

We have rejoined the Paris Climate agreement.

He has ended the “1776” commission.

He has issued an order requiring the use of masks on all federal property.

He has mounted a fierce COVID vaccination plan.

He has gotten well-qualified and smart people through the Senate confirmation process.

Issued an executive order to fight racial inequality

Preserved DACA

He has demonstrated he can work across the aisle.

He has issued an order against discrimination based on Gender identity.

He has added a “Climate Czar” to his team.

He implemented a COVID task force.

He is pushing for a $15 federal minimum wage.

Resumed Obama’s plan to put Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill.

Signed an executive order to increase federal food assistance.


Welcome back, America. We’ve missed you dearly.

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