Turns out Matt Gaetz tried to cut and run

There are in life those specific days and weeks that are not pleasant and can be downright awful. Nobody likes to experience those awful weeks, of course. But life can sometimes be difficult, and at times, lots of pesky things can arise. And for Matt Gaetz, that time is now.

Congressman Gaetz (having a lousy week-insurrection party-Florida) has already shown the American people that he’s out of his mind. And this week is not a good one for the hair-raising Congressman.

It is now being revealed that Gaetz actually did want to leave Congress for a chance at television stardom. Newsmax, a conservative media outlet and a source for fake news, has revealed that Gaetz contacted them and said he was interested in television work.

According to multiple sources, Newsmax had no interest in hiring Gaetz and has no interest now either. So, alas, it looks like the dream of Gaetz to become the next Tucker Carlson did not work out so well.

But there is more bad news for the creepy Floridian, and this comes in the form of Rebekah Jones.

As you most likely know, Jones is the former employee and whistleblower of the Florida Department of Health. Jones has announced on Instagram her decision to run against Matt Gaetz for his seat in Congress. At the time of this writing, Jones has not yet filed the campaign paperwork.

So, no, things are not going smoothly for Gaetz at all. His dreams of television stardom did not go so well, and now he is facing a Congressional challenge from an intelligent and already well-known challenger. This is definitely a week that Gaetz will not look back on fondly.

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