Turns out Donald Trump has even more to worry about from Allen Weisselberg than you think

Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, appeared on MSNBC Sunday with Alex Witt. According to Jennifer, the former guy and his CFO are very fond of each other, and Allen has not hesitated to lie for Trump in the past. She also indicated that when Trump was elected president, it really went to both of their heads and they thought they could get away with anything.

Alex Witt seemed rather surprised when Jennifer said Trump and Allen were fond of each other, as am I. Allen has worked for the Trump Organization ever since it was ran by the former president’s father, so he has to know Trump well. How could anyone genuinely like the guy at all, much less that long? (I don’t count Lindsey Graham — with him it’s just puppy love.) Jennifer could have mistaken gratitude for friendship, of course.

Jennifer was married to Allen’s son Barry, who reportedly managed or still manages Trump’s skating rink in New York City, for which he received a hefty $200,000 annual salary, plus $40,000 annual bonuses, and a nice and free apartment. Trump is not the generous type at all, so I would think Barry had to be doing more for Trump than just running a skating rink.

Nevertheless, Jennifer did agree with former Trump Organization employee Barbara Res, that Allen Weisselberg should be the person Trump fears the most – considering his pending indictment – since authorities are apparently coming after the CFO’s sons. Unlike what some have said about Trump, she believes the CFO will do or say anything to protect his grown children.


Michael Cohen has reported this as well, indicating the CFO knows everything about every cent Trump has ever made or paid. Cohen has stressed, however, that the Manhattan DA already has the goods on Trump, so Weisselberg’s cooperation is not absolutely necessary. If Trump and the CFO are actually buds as well, Allen Weisselberg may know a lot more than just about Trump’s businesses and their numbers. I suppose even Trump needs someone to tell his darkest secrets to.

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