Tucker Carlson unhinged

Tucker Carlson has always been unhinged. The Fox Entertainment (Fox News) host has constructed his dynasty of hatred with continued outrage, helping to lead a successful brainwashing campaign.

Now, Tucker is upset at MLB for having the audacity to stand up to voter suppression. Only in Tucker’s mind it isn’t voter suppression. He is making the case that Georgia’s elections are now fairer.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as Tucker surely knows. But why do so many fall for his hateful rhetoric? Let’s break it down. To do this, I need to go back in time a bit. In 1961, Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted a series of experiments that came to be called “The Milgram experiments.”

These psychological tests were used to measure individuals’ obedience to people in positions of authority. The participants were told they had to administer electric shocks to people that would gradually get higher and more painful. The shocks eventually would get to a level that would be fatal.

Of course, these shocks were not real. But the participants did not know that. The study found that an alarmingly high number of the individuals who were asked to do this did it. They may have had reservations about doing it, but those reservations were not deep enough to keep them from obeying someone in a position of authority.

I bring this up because, for many on the right, they look to people like Carlson, not just as television hosts but as saviors. In their minds, if Carlson or others like him, say something then it must be true. They do not ask questions. They do not analyze. They parrot back what they hear. It is a dangerous way of consuming information. But for these most extreme of followers, it is the only way they know.

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