Tucker Carlson reaches a whole new low

Tucker Carlson is at it again, and it isn’t pretty. The racist (and incredibly creepy in a horror flick kind of way) Fox host is now attacking President Biden’s marriage. This week the idiotic entertainment host appeared to lose his grip on reality and declared the Biden’s marriage might not be real. He, in fact, said their marriage was “as real as climate change.”

Well, first off, Tucker must be congratulated for the most moronic statement of the week. It’s difficult to choose because there have been so many moronic statements from various Republicans this week that it is hard to choose just one. But the infantile Tucker wins this one. This is just a level of idiocy only Tucker could aspire to, and it panned out for him!

So, what caused the meltdown? Perhaps it is the fact that his network’s ratings are in the toilet. Tucker might be trying to be as provocative as possible. Or he may believe what he said, in which case a strait-jacket is recommended.

In any event, the response From Naomi Biden, Granddaughter of the President, was priceless. In a tweet, she said, “Someone give this man a hug.”


Methinks Tucker needs not just a hug. His show needs to be canceled as it serves no purpose except to promote loony conspiracy theories. Tucker is the epitome of a bottom feeder. We do not wish the struggling anchor luck in boosting his dismal ratings.

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