Tucker Carlson unravels as Fox News leaves him hanging

Oh, dear. It looks like there is a bit of an argument going on. This argument is reportedly between two loathsome entities. These are Tucker Carlson and Fox Non-News. Reportedly, Tucker (little imp, insurrection party) is furious at his network for not supporting his paranoid claims of being spied on.

Oh, dear. Tucker expected to be defended by the beastly network. And that has not happened yet. Reportedly Tucker is not handling this well. In fact, he is going batshit crazy. It would seem Tucker expected to be backed up. Why he expected this is not clear. Did he expect even Fox Non News to interrupt regular broadcasting with a special message? What would that special message be?

“We stand with our craziest and most hateful cast member.” Apparently, this is a bridge too far, even for Fox. Unnamed sources describe Tuckems as being “really pissed.” Carlson reportedly texted CNN to insist he isn’t mad.

Of course, we all know he is, and I’m not speaking of his mood. I’m speaking of his mental health. And I imagine his mood is – well – mad as a hatter. Because Tucker says he ISN’T mad, and when has Tucker ever been known to tell the truth?

So, why isn’t Fox supporting him? Well, this is merely a guess, but I’d say even Fox is beginning to understand they are dealing with someone who isn’t playing with a full deck. And accusing the NSA of being traitors might be too much, even for them. Who knew anything would be too much?

So we will see how this battle plays out. I am sure there will be a furious monologue on Tucker’s hate show. Let’s all plan not to watch it.

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