Tucker Carlson gets lambasted

Thank you, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. I am referring to the conversation between the two of them on Wednesday night, 4/7. The two hosts had a meaningful discussion as Cuomo was wrapping up his show.

The talk was about Troll TV (Fox News). Troll TV has taken a turn for the worse, as many know. But what is really disturbing is the behavior of some of the more depraved hosts (I’m looking at you, Tucker Carlson). Certain Troll TV hosts such as Tucker have begun the process of 1984ing their viewers. They are doing this by pretending the January sixth terror attack never happened.

The insurrectionists, they say, are friendly and patriotic people who just wanted a chance to be heard. The fact that these terrorists wished to hang the former Vice-President and were responsible for many deaths, including those of Police Officers, is conveniently left out of the equation.

I share your outrage. It’s sick. It is undeniably twisted. But it is not illegal. That leads me to Lemon and Cuomo. The CNN hosts urged people to call this out. They urged DEMOCRATS to call it out. They referred to this behavior as “riot denialism.”

Don Lemon said he knows people who have stopped watching Troll TV because they are outraged at this. These people were former fans of the Trump administration, but January sixth was a game-changer. Likewise, many police officers are not happy with what Troll TV is doing. After all, weren’t they supposed to back the blue?

The more Tucker and the people of his ilk do this, the more potential viewers they may lose. This is dangerous propaganda that Troll TV is engaging in. Great job by Lemon and Cuomo.

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